About Us

Welcome to Bhavya Industries, India’s emerging and fast growing manufacturer of road and concrete construction machinery. We are offering equipments for asphalting and concreting. Our products are designed as per industry demand and customer’s need. Our prime focus is to provide quality products to our customer with cost effectiveness.

India’s rise in recent years is a most prominent development in the world economy. India has re-emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the future outlook for India is distinctly upbeat. The importance of infrastructure for sustained economic development is well recognized. High transactions costs arising from inadequate and inefficient infrastructure can prevent the economy from realizing its full growth potential regardless of the progress on other fronts. The efficacy of private sector participation in infrastructure development would be contingent upon the capability to commercialize these projects whereby recovery of investments would be through a system of user charges. There is a potential for public private partnerships to contribute more and help bridge the infrastructure gap in India. There has been considerable progress in the last ten years in attracting private investment into the infrastructure sectors; first in telecommunications, then in ports and roads. Looking at the infrastructure growth in India we have started our venture in 2009. We are having our manufacturing unit at Mehsana which is 60 km from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Further, our ability to adapt the market changes and to diversify in the product portfolio is assisting us to shaping our company's core strategies and principles. By incorporating the best proven technology and methods, we bring proven solutions to new applications. While we continue to improve our technology, our on-going dedication to meet our customer's needs has always been a key to our longevity and keeping our business strong through tough economic times and challenges.

Thus, with the assistance of lean manufacturing techniques and capable staff, we have been able to firmly position us in the market.