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Bhavya Industries Asphalt drum mix plants or Hot mix plants are designed as per the specification given by Ministry Of Road Transport & Highways (M.O.R.T.H.), Government of India. Our Asphalt Drum mix plans are available in various capacity ranging from 40 tph to 120 tph.

Normally Asphalt Drum Mix Plant / Hot Mix Plant will consist following components:

Four Bin Feeder for Cold Aggregate

Open top four bins are made from good quality of MS plates and mounted on a single chassis construction. At each bin gates are provided to supply a cold aggregate in pre decided rate. Gathering belt driven by A.C. motor is maintaining a flow of material to dryer unit through slingers conveyor.

Vibrating Screed

It is a used for removing a oversize aggregate coming from four bin feeder.

Sling Conveyor

This conveyor is inclined from gathering conveyor to dryer for feeding a aggregate.

Dryer Drum / Dryer Unit (Thermo drum)

Dryer drum is fabricated from MS steel Plates and insulated properly to prevent heat loss of aggregate. Specially designed flights lift and cascade the aggregate to reduce the final moisture content to 0.5% (by weight). It is supported by steel rollers and wheels. In this unit burner is the important part and it is mounted on the end of drum. Burner is having a fully automatic along with high or low pressure auto jet type system, which is capable to reduce the moisture.

Load out Conveyor

Aggregate mix material discharged from the dryer drum is carried by inclined hot conveyor belt and discharged into the tipper/truck through hydraulically operated surge storage hopper.

Mineral Filler

Fabricated from steel plates, it feeds the required quantity of mineral to the drum.

Bitumen Tanks

Bitumen Tank of 15/20 MT capacity is provided for storage of Bitumen. It is fabricated from steel plates with glass wool insulation, manhole, thermocouples, etc. Bitumen is pumped to the dryer drum through pipe lines. Tanks are fitted with independent on-off type burners.

Control Cabin

A fully automatic control panel with feather smooth controls is provided for controlling the quantity and quality of production with operator sitting in Air-conditioned comfort.

All systems are completely synchronized with automatic / manual control of burners, load cells, mix temperature, cold feed / mineral / bitumen proportions, etc. Manual control is possible through over-ride system. Adequate safety measures are adopted to avoid overloading, short-circuit etc.


LDO Tank

One LDO Tank of 2000 to 5000 litters capacity (depending upon plant model) is provided with each plant.


  • Air pollution control system.
  • Hot mix storage silo.
  • Mobile Portable plants.
  • Higher capacity tanks available on specific request.

Technical Specification of Asphalt Drum Mix Plants.

Plant Model BIDM 45 BIDM 50 BIDM 60
Capacity TPH 40 to 60 60 to 90 90 to 120
Feeder No. of unit 4 4 4
Storage Cap. MT 40 50 60
Dryer Drum Dryer (L X D) mtrs 6.0 X 1.2 6.7 X 1.5 7.3 X 1.8
  Drive Type Cradle Type
Chain Drive
Cradle Type
Chain Drive
Cradle Type
Chain Drive
  Drive Motor (kw) 15 18.5 30
  Burner Capacity (lph) 240 450 770
  Blower Connected Load (kw) 7.5 15 15
Load Out Conveyor Belt (W X L ) mtrs 0.5 X 17.9 0.6 X 17.9 0.6 X 20.3
Hopper Capacity (kg) 750 850 1000
Mineral Filler Unit Capacity ( m3 ) 1.5 1.5 1.5
  Drive Motor  (kw) 1.5 1.5 1.5
  Connected Load (kw) 5.5 5.5 11
Bitumen Tank Capacity ( M3) 15 15 20
  Heating System Direct Heating Direct Heating Direct Heating
  Bitumen Motor (kw) 3.7 3.7 3.7
  Hot Oil Motor ( kw) 0.75 0.75 0.75
Fuel Tank Capacity (m3) 2 3 4