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We are one of the reliable manufacturer and supplier of kerb laying machines which are used for laying concrete kerbs through the extrusion process. Our concrete kerb laying machine is extremely user friendly and is appreciated for it features. This machine is fabricated from state of the art technology and it is widely applied in various construction industries.

We manufacture compact slip form paver for kerb laying applications. This machine is suitable for laying median kerbs. Some of the highlights it includes are:


  • Mounted on steel tracks to ensure maximum stability
  • Completely dedicated drive pump with world class torque hub and heat treated sprockets ensures total operational reliability
  • Hydrostatic drive ensures lower maintenance and smoother operations city range
  • World class hydraulics and components offer unmatched performance
  • Fully proportional automatic electronic controls
  • Suitable for a wide range of concrete slumps
  • Ease to operate and maintain
  • Quick change mould design


The unit has fully proportional automatic electronic controls. The front of the machine is controlled by our auto steering control guides for precise alignment. Moreover, the grade controller positions the respective lift cylinder for the precise grade.


In order to upgrade the equipment performance and make it adaptable to different slump levels in the concrete mix, our unit is empowered with industry standard fully variable vibrators.

Quick change mould design:

Our equipment is available with quick change mould mechanism. Easy to modify, the moulds can changed within 30 minutes.


Designed with acute attention, the unit is simple to operate, has easy accessibility to spare parts, and has high visibility on kerb forming and its controls are always on the finger tips.


Our kerb laying machine has 16 HP four cylinders engine.