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We offer a range of Road Paver Finishers which is designed and manufactured to offer maximum benefit to our clients. It is a value for money product. Our Paver finishers are the most economical & efficient solution for laying Asphalt and Wet mix macadam. Our products are having a features like,

  • User Friendly
  • Easy Operation
  • Standard Power Transmission
  • Trouble Free & Noiseless Operation

Fully Automatic Sensor Paver Finisher

It is used for asphalt as well as wet mix macadam laying. It is based in sensor to maintain thickness and slope of paving. It gives a uniform paving with better operational convenience.

Fully Automatic

  • It is available with Hydrostatic drive for paving and driving mode which gives easy control over operating.

Better Pavement

  • This model has a basic screed width of 2.5 meter which can be extended up to 5.5 meter.

Sensing Device

  • Sensor gives a better accuracy up to 1 mm in grade control and 0.0% in slope control.

Semi Hydro Sensor Paver Finisher

This machine is available in two variant of Asphalt and Wet Mix Macadam.

  • Simple in construction, versatile and reliable Paver finisher.
  • Most economical and efficient solution for laying asphalt and wet mix macadam.
  • Screed can be easily varied from 2.5 to 4.5 meters.
  • It is available with Power Steering for better control.
  • For efficient working all gears and shafts of gear box are made from alloy steel which are hardened and grounded.

Mechanical Paver Finisher

This Paver finisher is robust in road construction and has easy operations.

  • It is value for money proposition with quality component like gears and shaft of gearbox.
  • Wet mix variant has a special design of chassis for more strength and stability.
  • It is a proven technology since last 25 years.