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Our Wet Mix Plant is employed to produce proportionate mixture of aggregates, sand, cement and water. This mixture is used to lay on the base to prepare a rigid foundation. This WMM plant is having high production quality and rate. It is easy to operate. We have designed it as per M.O.R.T.H. specification. It is available in various capacity ranging from 120 tph to 200 tph.

Four Bin Feeder

Bins are made from MS steel plates and mounted on single chassis construction. Each bin is having a gate at bottom. Aggregate from bin is discharge uniformly on belt below gate and it will gather on gathering belt.

Vibrating Screed

It is a used for removing a oversize aggregate coming from four bin feeder.

Sling Conveyor

This conveyor is inclined from gathering conveyor to Pug Mill for feeding a aggregate

Pug Mill Unit

The Pug Mill is the main part of Wet Mix Plant. A dual shaft pug mill mounted on antifriction bearing provides quick, continuous and homogeneous mix of aggregates and additives. Dual shaft consist of hardened material liners, heavy duty square bar with wear resistant paddle arms and tips. This unit is mounted on sturdy chassis.

Water Tank

Provision to add water in the pug mill is done with the help of a water tank which is fitted with best quality standard pump and meter with standard pipe to transfer exact quantity of water to the PUG MILL.

Load Out Conveyor

Ready mixed aggregate discharged from PUG MILL is collected into an inclined load out conveyor which ends in a SILO TYPE hopper, which is having a hydraulically operated cam shell gate.

Control Cabin

The fully automatic air conditioned control cabin is provided with the WMM plant to maintain quality and quantity of material.

Technical specifications of Wet mix macadam plant.

Plant Model BIWM 120 BIWM 160 BIWM 200
Output TPH 120 160 200
Feeder No. of unit 4 4 4
Storage Cap. MT 25 30 32
Pug Mill No. of Paddle Arms 26 32 44
  Capacity (m3) 1.60 1.85 2.40
  Drive Motor (kw) 18 35 45
Water Tank Capacity  (m3) 18 18 18
  Drive Motor  (kw) 1.5 3.7 3.7
Load Out Conveyor Belt (W X L ) mtrs 0.6 X 17.9 0.6 X 20.3 0.6 X 20.3
  Drive Motor  (kw) 5.5 5.5 5.5